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39.Let me join you!

Aunt Zhang pulled together her brows slightly. In front of Lian Fang Zhou and her son, she wouldn't tell her daughter-in-law off. So she turned to Lian Fang Zhou, complained: "Really Fang Zhou! Why buy this much meat? Even if you have money, don't spend it like this! If you bought rice and threw some sweet potato in, it would last a while."
Lian Fang Zhou said with a chuckle: "I knew Aunt would say this! You should let me explain first! The money I used to buy meat, came from seling the mushrooms Ah Ze and I gathered few days back. The young ones are still growing, so they have to eat properly, and that means meat at least occasionally! I also thought of how Aunt and Uncle Li always help us. So naturally I can't forget your share. Otherwise, we'll have no peace of mind when eating!”

Lian Fang Zhou's words made everyone smile.

Uncle Li grinned: "Fang Zhou is getting more and more of a smooth talker! You really don't need to do this. We are all neighbors. It's just a matter of lending a hand, so don't need to take it into heart!"

"That's right!" Aunt Zhang gave her a scolding smile, but she didn't blame her.

Lian Fang Zhou grinned and took out an bundle from her sleeves and uncovered it. She gave the two velvet flowers to Mrs Zhao and Li Juan and happily explained: “When I bought one for my Qing er, I also bought these for Sao-zi and Ah Juan. It’s just something inexpensive, hope Sao-zi and Ah Juan like it!"

How could women, especially young women, not love pretty dress accessories like flowers? Both Mrs Zhao and Li Juan cried out in delight and compared how they looked. Clearly they loved it as they grinned from ear to ear as they endlessly thanked Fang Zhou.

Aunt Zhang saw that her daughter-in-law and daughter were so happy, so she really couldn't say anything except helplessly staring at Lian Fang Zhou as she shook her head.

For a while, everyone chattered and then Lian Fang Zhou asked with a smile: "Oh yes, I wonder why Aunt Zhang called for me—"

Aunt Zhang immediately remembered and laughed: “God, my memory! I was so focused on small talk that I forgot about the important matter! It's like this, you don't have any livestock at your place and no manure for next year. The crops won't grow in a field with no manure! We just happened to get ten catties of Chinese milk vetch seeds. If you want, I'll give six or seven catties, spread it around the fields in the next few days. Wait until early spring, it'll be good to use as green manure!"

After the Chinese milk vetch seeds are sowed, in the spring they grow knee high and bloom with small pinkish purple flowers. When it's time to plough the fields, just plough directly and plunge them into the soil. They are good fertilizer so it's called green manure.

Lian Fang Zhou was aware of this. She has also been seen it in rural areas in modern times. But she did not expect this method to be used in this era.

She nodded and said: "Uncle Li and Aunt have thought of everything. But if the leftover isn't enough, then don't worry about giving me less!"

“We don't have many fields, so the leftover is enough for us! I have already packed the seeds for you. You can take them now! If the weather is good these few days, you can sow them.” Aunt Zhang explained.

“Fang Zhou, wait a sec. I'll get it for you now!” Mrs. Zhao told Lian Fang Zhou and went to the pantry.

Lian Fang Zhou agreed.

In a moment Mrs Zhao came back with a small bag and handed it to Lian Fang Zhou: "Take it!"

Lian Fang Zhou took the bag, thanked and started to leave but Mrs Zhao curiously asked: "Fang Zhou, just now you said today you guys sold mushrooms. How much did you get for them?"

Since she was asked directly, of course Lian Fang Zhou had to answer. So she replied: "Altogether there was around three sacks of dried mushrooms and we got four liang--"

"What! So much!" Mrs Zhao cried out. Her face full of disbelief, surprise, and even envy.

Not just her, even Uncle Li, Aunt Zhang, Li San Ge and Li Juan were stunned as well.

Seeing them like this, Lian Fang Zhou felt a bit embarrassed.

"Fang Zhou, is, this true?" Aunt Zhang stammered out.

Four silver liang! This is half a year of household expenses and it was inconceivable that it was earned in mere few days.

"Those mushrooms, are they really worth that much?" Mrs Zhao couldn't help glance over at the basket that Lian Fang Zhou sent. She immediately felt pain: Those are money, it would be regrettable to eat them!

Lian Fang Zhou smiled and described their mushroom enterprise.

Hearing it, Aunt Zhang's expression changed: "You siblings dare go to Mount Xian Teng ? Really---sigh!"

Mrs Zhao unhappily commented: "Mother, if I knew that we could earn this much money, I would also go! What is there to be afraid of? Having too money will bite our hands?"

"What are you saying!" Aunt Zhang gave Mrs Zhao a dirty look.

But Mrs Zhao did not care. She intimately looked over at Lian Fang Zhou, asking: "Fang Zhou, are you guys still going to forage mushrooms? If you go, take me as well! If something happen, having one more person there would help, right?"

Once Mrs Zhao thought of the idea, she immediately imagined her share of the reward.

In the same time, by herself she couldn't differentiate between edible and poisonous mushrooms. So she could sell poisonous ones and get into a lot of trouble. So it's safer to go with Lian Fang Zhou.

Lian Fang Zhou sheepishly look at Aunt Zhang and said: "I know that you and Uncle Li treat us siblings well. Originally I didn't want to hid this matter from you, but I was afraid you won't agreed if you knew. So I--"
She said it quietly and all in one breath: "Aunt Zhang, don't worry! I have self-control, so I won't act recklessly!  Ah Ze and the others are still young and it's their growing stage. It's not enough to eat rice only. It goes without saying, I need to think of other ideas!"

Listening to this, Uncle Li sighed and then spoke: "It was difficult for you! In the future, they will definitely treat you well, since you are thinking for their better."

Aunt Zhang also sighed: "Nevermind! Since you said it like this, what else could I say? It's just that you need to be more careful. That mountain has hundreds types of mushrooms and many are poisonous. So those you never seen before, don't pick it! And also the places where mushrooms cluster, be careful when picking. The woods have different types of poisonous snakes and insects. If there are trails of something passing, remember to leave it! It's better that nothing happen. By chance something happen, it'll be a matter of life and death!"

Hearing this, Lian Fang Zhou felt scared. She hurriedly said: "Fang Zhou accepts your teaching. Thank you Aunt for your advice!"

Aunt Zhang smiled and no longer spoke.

Mrs Zhao burst out asking: "Fang Zhou, are you still going? Tomorrow? The day after? Or some other time..."

Mount Xian Teng's boundaries is extremely wide, so one more person doesn't hinder anyone-- even if the boundary isn't wide, Lian Fang Zhou would still take Li Family's person with them.

So she immediately nodded her head: "Ah Ze and I were planning to go tomorrow!"

She didn't say anything about inviting Mrs Zhao because Aunt Zhang doesn't really approve this matter but the intention was clear.

Mrs Zhao's eyes brightened and she couldn't help step forward and grab Lian Fang Zhou's arm: "Fang Zhou, can I come with you tomorrow? Even though I don't know anything but I can rely on you! I don't ask for much. Just want a chance to earn some pocket money and I'll be satisfied."

Sao-zi means sister-in-law, just a way to call someone elder and familiar with’s wife, not really their elder brother’s wife.

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38.Sending some over to Aunt Zhang's place

She didn't want Third Aunt to see her embarrassment, so she purposely looked over at Third Aunt calmly with a tranquil smile. Lian Fang Zhou admired herself for being able to smile without a trace of guilt! Afterwards, she stopped her gaze, picked up her chopsticks and calmly ate.

Her method had really worked. Third Aunt paused and blinked. She felt a bit suspicious that there was something wrong with her eyes a moment ago.

"Third Aunt, did you catch a chill?" Lian Fang Qing couldn't help but asked.

Hearing this, both Lian Ze and Lian Che looked at Third Aunt, with a hint of care in their eyes.

Lian Fang Zhou secretly sigh out a breath of relief. Luckily only Third Aunt saw her distraction.

So she became even calmer.

"I haven't. It's just that, I choked a bit!" Third Aunt gave a reluctant smile as she gave an excuse.

"Oh!" Lian Fang Qing replied and dropped the topic, focusing on her bowl as she sipped her soup.

Hearing this, Lian Fang Zhou laughed on the inside.

After dinner like normal routine, Third Aunt tidied up and went to the kitchen to wash dishes. Lian Fang Zhou turned to Lian Ze: "Go find some of our dad's clothes for him to change. Let him wash himself and take off the dirtied clothes!"

And she also turned to grin to the man: "It's old clothes, please don't reject! You have to clean those wounds as you bathe so they will not fester. Tomorrow I'll go to the village and ask for a bit medicinal alcohol from someone. So tonight you'll have to suffer a bit!"

Lian Ze eagerly agreed and went off.

That man shook his head, grinned: "Actually ... these injuries aren't that serious. It'll get better by itself in few days."

Full with shame, he thought: "If it wasn't because I haven't eaten anything recently, I wouldn't be so useless."

His hair has been slightly tidied up, while his beard was still a lot like bird nests. His smiles were showing rows of neat white teeth.

Lian Fang Zhou politely invited him to sit. With a smile, she asked: "Oh yes, I have not asked for your name yet! Where do you live?"

Hearing this, the man couldn't help paused a bit. His expression immediately became low-spirited, and seems to give a low sigh.

Lian Fang Zhou also halted, then smiled again: "If you have some difficulties that you do not want explain, then forget it. It doesn't matter!"

If there's really difficulties that he has to hide, most likely it is some troublesome matter. Lian Fang Zhou rather not know anything about it. Avoid attracting trouble out of nowhere!

She has three siblings to raise and she must work hard herself to survive in this poor environment. So she doesn't' feel like she got the qualifications to intervene in other people's troubles.

If this matter is troublesome for him, even if he has such good skills, can't imagine what it would be like to Lian family.

"Not like that!" The man quickly denied. He scratched his head, and with an embarrassed look: "Miss, you misunderstood. I don't hide any difficulties, but actually, I lost my memories!"

"What!" Lian Fang Zhou's eyes widened in amazement: is this the legendary amnesia?

With a wry smile, he said: "When I woke up I was on a riverbank. And unknowingly wandered into Yuhe County. It was like this til I met you today... No matter how much I try, I still can't remember who I am, where I am from, or what has happened to me in the past!"

Lian Fang Zhou suddenly didn't know what to say. In her heart, she couldn't help feel sympathetic toward him.

The man thought for a moment, then gave a faint smile. Feeling somewhat self-deprecating, he said: "I came to Yuhe County with a group of migrants. Maybe - like them, my home was destroyed by floods!"

For a moment, Lian Fang Zhou didn't know what to say. With a laugh, she spoke: "I was in the wrong. I should not have brought it up! Please feel at ease in our home, as you nurse your wounds. No need to overthink!"

The man nodded his head.Understanding what Lian Fang Zhou meant, he immediately said: "After... After two days, I will leave."

Lian Fang Zhou's cheeks heated up and felt a bit embarrassed as he was very tactful and said it so straightforward. She grinned: " I didn't mean it like this, I..."    

Suddenly the man looked up and smiled at her, as if he understood even without her speaking out. And he didn't blame her either.

Lian Fang Zhou felt even more terrible. No matter what, he did save the three of them right? Pushing him to leave is certainly hurtful.

She was at loss what to say. Luckily Lian Ze found the clothes and came back. So Lian Fang Zhou rushed Lian Ze to take him to wash himself.

She let out a sigh of relief when she saw them leave.

"Sister, sister!" At this time, Lian Che ran over and said: "Aunt Zhang asked when did you come back? And also told you to visit her house!"

"Oops," Lian Fang Zhou slapped her forehead and spoke with some chagrin: "How could I forget about Aunt Zhang! Silly me! Ah Che, why didn't you remind Sister earlier!"

"I forgot!" Lian Che rubbed his head and stuck his tongue out.

Lian Fang Zhou smiled and told him to go play on his own. She then got up and grabbed two velvet flowers and wrapped them in paper. Afterward filled a basket half full of the dried mushrooms she had stored for themselves. Then went to the kitchen and cut out about half a pound of pork.

Thus she prepared a gift for Aunt Zhang and her family. The two velvet flowers were for Mrs Zhao and Li Juan.

When Lian Fang Zhou was cutting the pork, Third Aunt had just finished washing the dishes. She had yet to leave the kitchen, when she saw her (Fang Zhou) cut the meat. Her eyes were staring straight at her and asked: "What are you doing?"
Lian Fang Zhou glanced at her and indifferently said: "I'm cutting a piece to send over to Aunt Zhang's. Should have send some long ago. Just that when we came back, I was busy and forgot to give it!"

"What!" Third Aunt immediately exclaimed. She felt hurt as if the meat was cut by Lian Fang Zhou from her own body.

Furiously, she stepped forward, said: "Are you crazy or stupid?! There's not enough to eat at home, and you actually want gift to other people for free!"

Lian Fang Zhou halted the kitchen knife and looked up at her. With some helplessness, she said: "Third Aunt, as a human person, first we must live with our conscience, and secondly, think of the long term! Aunt Zhang and Uncle Li have helped us a lot. When they got something, they are willing to share with us. So there is no reason why we shouldn't share with them! Moreover, the future road is still long. We don't have any grown men supporting our family, so we'll have to trouble them with a lot of matters. Got to show some gratitude or else how our conscience will be at ease? "

Third Aunt knew that she was telling the truth, and didn't argue back for a moment.

However, her heart still ached, so she continued: "Even if you want to show gratitude, you don't have to this generous! Do you not feel pain cutting off this piece of pork ah?"

"I don't!" Lian Fang Zhou simply straightforwardly answered her back. She had finished cutting as she talked.

She placed that cut of meat into a bowl and grinned at Third Aunt. "I'll make a trip over now, so I'll have to trouble Third Aunt to store the rest!"

Without waiting for her to continue fussing, she went straight out.

"You -" Third Aunt angrily glared, as she couldn't do anything else.

With a distressed heart, she carefully packed the rest of the meat as she unhappily grumbled: "Acting so generous, she got no sense of living. There is not enough gold mountain for you to spend, prodigal ... ... if I was the head, it certainly would not be like this ... ..."

When Lian Fang Zhou arrived at Aunt Zhang's home, Aunt Zhang's family had already had dinner.

"I came over because I just heard from Che er that Aunt was looking for me! I should have came over earlier, but I had completely forgotten about it!"

Lian Fang Zhou smiled to Aunt Zhang and Uncle Li. After greeting them, she put down the gift basket and continued: "Few days back, Ah Ze and I picked these mushrooms. All are good ones, so rest assured aunt and uncle, you can eat them. Today I cut a piece of meat. I hope that aunt will make a scrumptious meal, so please don't disdain that there's so little!"

The mushroom were fine but seeing that the piece of meat was around half a catty, Aunt Zhang, Uncle Li, their son and daughter-in-law were shocked.

Mrs Zhao was so happy that her heart was blooming. She could not help but reach out as she laughed: "Oh,Fang Zhou, you're so kind-hearted. How could we accept!"

Even as she said it, she did not return the gift

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37. Who is he really?

"That's right. Luckily we had this big brother today!" Lian Ze followed up.
Lian Fang Qing tilted her head and blinked as she asked: "From what Second Brother said, you beat six bully away all by yourself. Is that true?"
Lian Che remained silent but also tilted his head in curiosity as he sized him up.
Third Aunt jumped up and came over: "Since you can stand up, it means you're okay right?"
Third Aunt, with eyes glowing, stared hard at him. She stretched out her neck, with an expression saying ' I'll eat you if you don't answer'.
Startled, he opened his mouth and started stuttering. Under Third Aunt's eyes, he couldn't help but nod: " I'm al-already fine!"
"Then that's perfect!" Third Aunt clapped her hands and continued: "You saved us and we saved you.
Now we're equal right? We won't make it difficult for you, now that it's already dark. You can leave tomorrow morning then."
Third Aunt spoke out with great generosity.
"Oh! I'm very grateful to you-"
He hasn't finished yet when Lian Ze rushed to speak out: "This brother, there's no need to be polite. Even though you woke up, you're still injured and not convenient to move around. How about staying a few more days?"
Lian Ze looked over at Lian Fang Zhou with a pleading expression as he spoke: "Sister, he got hurt because of us. We can't act so inhumane!"
Lian Ze wasn't usually like this, so Lian Fang Zhou felt that it was slightly strange. But it was because he doesn't often ask for anything from Lian Fang Zhou, she couldn't refuse when she saw those eager eyes. So she nodded: "You're right!"
She smiled the man, warmly spoke: "It's no problem to stay few more days at our place!"
"AH! I must say you guys---" Third Aunt unhappily cried out.
But she had yet to finish when Lian Fang Zhou lightly cleared her throat. Indifferently said: "Third Aunt do you need Ah Ze and I to send you back tomorrow?"
Immediately, Third Aunt shut up. She lightly harrumphed: "Then it's fine to let him stay a few days. Ah, I was thinking of what's best for you!"
And in a whisper, she muttered: "Know only how to threaten people with that. What's the point..."
Lian Fang Zhou and Lian Ze pretended not to hear anything.
Full of joy, Lian Ze pulled the man to sit with enthusiasm, then said: "I'll get the bowls!" And went to the kitchen.
Originally the rice was just enough. But now there's one more person joining, it became insufficient.
Lian Ze pushed his bowl toward the man: "Big Brother has this!"
Seeing this, Lian Fang Zhou gave half of her to Lian Ze. Grinned: "Alright, you guys eat first! If there's not enough, just wait a bit. I'm going to make some noodle!"
"Sis, I'll help with the fire!" Lian Che could see that the strange guest is very important to Second Brother, so he voluntarily put down his chopsticks and went to help with the stove.
"Serve you right!" Third Aunt muttered quietly. She picked some stir-fry pepper and meat for Lian Fang Qing: "Aren't you guys hungry? Well, I'm starving, so let's eat first!"
Tonight was stir-fry pepper and meat and fried cabbage. Good dishes like these were rare.
Lian Ze saw the man's eye lit up. Obviously, he was also hungry. After hesitating for a moment, he said: "Let's eat first!"
"Leave some for Sister and Third Brother!" Lian Fang Qing spoke out and grabbed the chopsticks to create a dividing line on the plate. So the few of them only ate one side.
Lian Fang Zhou recalled that man's condition in the day then made a large portion of noodles. She diced the chili pepper and garlic, slice three to four pieces of meat fat and heat them into the oil. She planned to infuse some chili oil on top.
Lian Che sat on a stool in front of the stove opening, watching the fire. The crackling fire shone on his face, both of hands cupping his cheeks and big eyes blinking at Lian Fang Zhou. Asking,"Sister, did that man really save you? Is he that powerful?"
Lian Che felt that it was unbelievable. Just by judging by his appearance, it didn't look like it.
"Mmhmm," Lian Fang Zhou nodded with a smile. As she chopped the vegetable, she calmly said: "If it wasn't for him, we would be in deep trouble today. All of our stuff and money would have been robbed. And when we come back, we got to pay back Uncle's Wang's donkey and cart!"
"AH!" Hearing this, Lian Che was a bit afraid. Then grinned: "Thankfully meet with a good samaritan! Third Aunt is too much, to want to drive him out. Hm, it's better if he keeps on staying here. No one will bully us anymore!"
What? Lian Fang Zhou was immediately stunned. This kid really dare say it. And look at that hopeful look.
Lian Fang Zhou laugh with a closed mouth. Shaking her head, not taking his words seriously. Feeling the firelight has dimmed a bit, she continued: "Make the fire stronger."
"OK," Lian Che answered. He bent down to add in some firewood into the stove and not another word was said.
Making noodles didn't need much to do, so soon Lian Fang Zhou brought out an enormous bowl of soup noodle in. The top was soaked with greasy chili and garlic sauce. Hot steam carrying along fragrant smell filled everyone's nose.
Everyone's eyes couldn't help light up. It's known that with this household's current situation, it's hard to have even noodle once a year. Especially with meat taste, those are really rare!
"Smell so good!" Lian Fang Qing took a deep breathe in.
Originally Third Aunt was already full, but seeing the large bowl of noodles and the smelling fragrant, her stomach immediately became hungry again. So she spoke out: "How could he finish that much? Here, give me a bowl!"
"Sister and Third Brother haven't eaten yet!" Lian Fang Qing's lips twitched.
Even though Lian Fang Zhou don't like Third Aunt acting like this, but she felt she was pitiful. However, she can't spoil her, or else she'll have gained an inch, want a foot behavior.
Lian Fang Zhou could only pretend to not hear her, smiling: " I purposely made a lot, so everyone can have some! Tomorrow, we'll make noodles for dinner, alright?"
"Alright! Alright!" Lian Fang Qing clapped as she rejoiced.
Third Aunt also laughed in delight: "Then make some more tomorrow!"
Lian Fang Zhou used the serving chopsticks to fill each person half a bowl. What's left was pushed to that man's front. With a light smile, she said: "Here, eat it while it's hot!"
He paused at first, then received it a sheepish smile. He cupped his fist: "Many thanks, Miss!"Then pulled the large bowl to his front and gracefully started eating.
"Your welcome!" Lian Fang Zhou light smiled. This guy is really interesting.
Even though he is starving, he eats as if he wasn't desperate. Not only is it not urgent, it is also pleasing to the eyes.
That's right, pleasing to the eyes.
It's neither elegant nor rough. Even if he is wearing tattered old clothes, the way he moves is still -- pleasing to the eyes. Giving people a comfortable feeling.
Lian Fang Zhou became dazed from looking, internally thinking: this man, I'm afraid he's not an ordinary person. Don't know if it because he meets with difficulties. And also with that kind of skill, definitely not an ordinary person.
"Ke! Keke!" Third Aunt started coughing hard. Lian Fang Zhou turned to look at her and saw a pair of eyes pointedly stared at her.
At first, she paused, then immediately recalled how she was staring at that man until she became dazed fell into Third Aunt's eyes. And she was misunderstood.
Lian Fang Zhou's face became hot and immediately felt embarrassed.

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Chapter 36 Who saved who

   Lian Fang Zhou's words finally made Lian Ze lose his spirit, what sister said was right, can only comply.

    He threw a glance full of hatred at them, mentally vowed: one day, I'll have them return everything back.

    "Let's get off!" Lian Fang Zhou nodded her head toward him.

    The siblings were just getting off the cart with their heart bleeding when they heard a slightly hoarse voice calmly say: "Halt."

    Not only the siblings, even the hooligans looked over at the sound.

    "It's him!" Lian Ze was shocked, Lian Fang Zhou also saw that they stared at each other in surprise.

    That person was the guy whom Lian Ze gave a mantou to.

    "Hahahaha! Where did this beggar come from? This master wants you to scram away!"

    "Stinky beggar, find life too long?!"

    Seeing clearly who that person was, the few thugs started arrogantly jeer.

    That person was still standing there, indifferently looking at them, placid expression.

    His calmness infuriated some of the thugs: being taken lightly by a beggar, how can they continue to live from now on?

    "Really unlucky! Dare to stick into our business, brothers, teach that beggar who doesn't know what death is." Embarrassment becoming anger, the leader spat on the ground. He waved his arm as he rolled up his sleeves, leading everyone to venomously rush toward them.

    Lian Ze tightly closed his eyes, Lian Fang Zhou's heart thumped.

    When she regained her wits, she was in midst of yelling 'It got nothing to do with him', it was already too late.

    Those thugs were already yelling out as they rush to hit, Lian Fang Zhou couldn't help subconsciously move her eyes away.

    Tragic cries continuously reach into ears. It wasn't one person but a good few people.

    She and Lian Ze quickly looked over and what they saw made them overjoyed. The thugs had fallen onto the floor or clutching their limbs or head.Grimacing in pain as they scream endlessly. And that man was still standing there firmly with his face still remaining calm.

    "What's going on! What's going on! Where are we? Ah!" Third Aunt just rubbed her eyes and sat up. When seeing the scene before her, she cried out in shock.

    "Leave!" that person said in a calm voice.

    That bunch of thugs dares not have any more evil thoughts. They endured the pain as they hurriedly picked themselves up and scrammed away with bit crawl. In a blink of the eyes, they were no longer in sight.

    "This... what has happened?" Third Aunt spoke out some prayers. She wanted to stand up but her legs were soft, so she collapsed into sitting.

    "He saved us! Sister, he saved us!" Lian Ze's eyes were shining with ecstasy, he happily called out to that man as he speeded over. Lian Ze could not help but take his arm and shook it in excitement: "You are amazing! You drove them away!"

    "Many thanks to you...Sir, for saving us!" Lian Fang Zhou also came over. She smiled as she spoke to him.

    Originally she wanted to say 'Many thanks, hero' But seeing the person's messy hair and beard, and his whole body was dirty, she thought 'can he be called hero'. Not bothering if this place has the same meaning, but she felt embarrassed saying it out loud.

    The man grinned. When he smiles, his eyes light up bright, and his whole vibe seems to immediately change.

    "I saw them sneakily follow you halfway, then took a shortcut to ambush---" He said with a smile. Once he finished, his face suddenly faces changed and fainted on the ground.

    "What's wrong! Hey, wake up, wake up!" Lian Ze anxiously cried, he hurriedly squat down and shook him.

    Lian Fang Zhou was also startled."Sister, he's injured! He's bleeding! It must be those guys just now!" Lian Ze exclaimed.

 Lian Fang Zhou quickly look over, and saw fresh blood oozing out of the man's arm, she then shouted: "Quickly bandage him. We got to stop the bleeding first, then talk!"

"Oh," Lian Ze responded and rushed to carefully help that man lay on the floor. He tore a piece off his clothes, then bandage him up.

"Fang Zhou, Fang Zhou!" Lian Xiao Man finally clumsily stood up, jumped off the donkey cart and stumbled over. She pulled Lian Fang Zhou further away and with a glare, she reprimanded: "You're a girl, stay further away from this beggar! Do you still want to get married?! "

"Third Aunt, don't call him beggar this beggar that. Truthfully, if he hasn't saved us just now, we would have become beggars!" Lian Fang Zhou frowned.

"What?" Third Aunt froze.

Lian Fang Zhou looked at her and said: "Just now, those few people were robbing us of our things, even the donkey too! If they really snatch away everything, we may have become beggars--- the poor!"

"Such, such matter happened?!" Third Aunt recalled back the scene she had seen when she just woke up. She couldn't help but let out a breath of relief and patted her chest. With lingering fear, Third Aunt said: "Oh, and I was sleeping like a dead log. It so fortunate, so lucky!"

"......" Lian Fang Zhou was speechless, rolled her eyes and removed her(Xiao Man) hand to move toward Lian Ze to ask: "Are there any other injured? Is it serious?"

After Lian Ze helped bandage him up, he had already checked him again. He replied: "Some seems like traces of old wounds. But it isn't serious."

Lian Fang Zhou nodded her head as her heart settled a bit. She mentally thought what should she do?

Lian Ze has already spoken out at the side: "Sister, he's injured from saving us, so could we take him back home?"

In front there's no village, nor were there shops behind. Not to mention the fact that man was injured unconscious. And at the moment, can only do that!

Not waiting for Lian Fang Zhou to give a nod, Third Aunt has already shaking her head and waving her hands: "No way! How can you bring back a beg- stranger home? How would others see us? Fang Zhou, you are a girl!"

Lian Fang Zhou shot back: "Don't we have you? Who can say what? If we throw our savior to one side, ignoring his life or death. Then how will we look? Third Aunt, come help out!"

Third Aunt frowned in disgust: "This dirty ..."

Now Lian Fang Zhou is starting to get a bit angry, so with a darkened face, she said: "You're not willing to help, then forget it. Ah Ze and I don't have so much strength, so can only take it slow. If by chance the thugs return - "

"Coming, coming!" Not waiting for Lian Fang Zhou to finish the sentence, Third Aunt quickly came over.

Lian Ze couldn't help but smile.

This man's physique was tall and on top of that, he's unconscious, his body heavily sunk straight down. It took the three of them great effort before they could get him into the car.

Third Aunt naturally frowns hard, while kept on nagging and nagging. Not stopping until she got Lian Fang Zhou to promise "wait for him to wake up and then let him scram!"

But Lian Fang Zhou didn't say anything, only pretend to not hear it.
Lian Fang Zhou hurriedly drove the cart. Even when they reach home, that man still did not wake up.

The three of them had no choice but to get him off the cart and place him in Lian Ze's and Lian Che's room.

When Lian Che and Lian Fang Qing saw it, they were shocked at first. But hearing this man saved their sister and brother, both of them were no longer afraid. They also helped draw water and grab a towel.

This person was a man, so it was inconvenient for Lian sister and Third Aunt to stay by his side, so they went out to bring in the stuff they bought. Afterward, Lian Fang Zhou drove the cart back to Uncle Wang to return it. And on the way, she brought a package of sesame candy for Uncle Wang's granddaughter.

Until it was time to light an oil lamp, the man finally woke up.
At that time, Lian siblings and Third Aunt were preparing to eat. 

The man got out of bed and followed the light. Lian Fang Zhou looked up and saw him. She put down the chopsticks and got up to go over. Kindly smiled and asked: "You woke up? Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere? Is the wound still hurting?"

The man was stunned for a moment, then hurriedly said, "I ... where am I? Did you save me?"

Lian Fang Zhou chuckled: "It was you who saved us! If it wasn't for you, we would have been unlucky. Have you forgotten?"